Welcome to Dominican Property Store

Welcome to Dominican Property Store

2020 has been a trying year.  During the Covid 19 shut down Tracy and I decided to pool our I/T knowledge to work together as a team.  Dominican Property Store is the end result.  Based on the robust Open Real Estate engine, the system should be future proof for at least a few years.

The principle idea is new. Local agents with local knowledge with websites at a local level bringing their experience and expertise into the Dominican Property Store group.

Looking to the future, we believe that the market will be quite buoyant in 2021. The pandemic has taught many of us that working from home is a genuine alternative to the daily commute into work.  People are looking for alternative homes offering a different way of life and the Dominican Republic fits that need very well with inexpensive flights to the Americas, good countrywide infrastructure, better and more reliable electricity supply and the abundance of quality high speed internet connections in all the major towns and cities.  All of these reasons make the Dominican Republic a genuine alternative to the stress of first world city life.

And finally, you don't need to be super wealthy to buy property in the Dominican Republic and neither do you need to join complicated schemes or create complicated businesses.  Property ownership in the Dominican Republic is open to anyone of any nationality.  The only difficulty can be raising the money to purchase the property but with more and more developers prepared to offer balanced, long term loans affordability is now becoming less of a problem to potential buyers.


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