Why did you create this site?

We wanted to create a website representative of properties for sale across the Dominican Republic that in turn pulls information from sites at a local level.  We think that this concept is unique in the Dominican Republic.

 We also wanted a grown up website that was easy to navigate and treated its users fairly and reasonably.  If you want to abuse our trust, seek out property where you might be able to reach out to the owner and cut a deal then you've come to the right place but we don't think very much of what you are trying to do.  On the plus side, we'll never have to meet you.  Instead, we want users to enjoy their experience on our site, to engage with us, to ask for help and guidance so that together we can work out if the Dominican Republic is going to be right for you, and where it might be that you find your perfect home. 

Listings on this site are repeated on sister sites (containing more information) at a local level where you will find experienced, knowledgeable and dedicated sales associates that will be able to help you every step of the way because they've been through the same process themselves.   

We don't believe that anyone else can offer this level of service.

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